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BioVersys is the first to achieve the seif Label

Last week saw the award of the first Impact Investment Readiness Program – seif Label to the Basel-based company BioVersys focusing on the development of a new, more efficient treatment for tuberculosis (TB).

Categories: Award

Successful relaunch of

Cofoundme, a Joint Venture between the Young Entrepreneurs Club at HSG and the ETH Entrepreneurs Club, is an online platform striving to connect future entrepreneurs with potential co-founders. Since the relaunch a few weeks ago, user registrations have multiplied.

Categories: Support

Kandou Introduces Interconnect Enabling Lower Cost Semiconductor Solutions

Kandou Bus has announced the Glasswing family of chip interconnects targeted for in-package chip-to-chip links.

Categories: Launch

Neuer E-Commerce-Preis für Startups

Der 4. Swiss E-Commerce Award bringt Neuerungen für 2015. Unter anderem wird unter den Newcomern erstmals der Startup-Preis vergeben. Dieser ist mit CHF 5'000.- dotiert.  Die Online-Anmeldung ist ab dem 14. Januar 2015 möglich.

Categories: Award

SwissMetrics launches its big data metrics to monitor company credit risk

SwissMetrics GmbH, a FinTech start-up from Switzerland, is launching its introductory access to its secure SaaS platform. Users will now be able to utilise the power of big data and harness the strength of team collaboration in their daily credit risk monitoring. The secure platform takes an innovative and practical approach that provides users with tools and metrics to quickly monitor the financial health of their customers, suppliers or potential acquisitions.


Joiz Deutschland muss saniert werden

Die TV-Umsätze von joiz in Deutschland sind klar unter den Erwartungen geblieben. Nun wird restrukturiert. Joiz Deutschland soll in den nächsten Monaten vom Free-TV-Sender in ein Web- und IPTV-Senderangebot umgewandelt werden, das ausschließlich online, über IPTV sowie kostenfreie Distributionsplattformen zu empfangen sein wird.

Categories: Export, Setback

Encouraging results for Neurimmune’s Alzheimer antibody

Neurimmune’s recombinant human monoclonal antibody Aducanumab / BIIB037 reduced beta-amyloid levels in the brain, and had an effect on cognition in patients with prodromal or mild Alzheimer’s disease. These study results were observed in a prespecified interim analysis of the Phase 1b trial conducted by Neurimmune’s collaboration partner Biogen Idec, Cambridge, MA.

Categories: Transfer, Success

Gute Stimmung in Sachen Börsengänge

Die Schweiz erlebte mit sechs Börsengängen und einem Gesamtvolumen von 1,68 Milliarden US-Dollar das wertvollste Börsenjahr seit 2006. 2015 wird voraussichtlich ein ähnlich starkes Jahr wie 2014.  Dies zeigt das IPO-Barometers des Prüfungs- und Beratungsunternehmens EY.

Categories: Financing

PrivaSphere Secure Messaging docks with Docsafe by Swisscom

PrivaSphere is teaming up with Docsafe by Swisscom to enhance services related to the secure exchange of data. Registered secure e-mails and confidential messages delivered via PrivaSphere’s delivery platform can now be saved and managed in Docsafe as signed PDF files. This means that users can access their secure documents at any time and from anywhere.

Categories: Partnering, Success

IMD announces Start-up Competition Winners

IMD has announced 26 winners of the Start-up Competition 2014/2015. The companies will work with IMD’s MBA and EMBA classes in 2015.

Categories: Award
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PB&B: Seed financing and innovation award

Categories: Award, Financing, Success, Investment

Xeltis closes CHF 27 million Series B financing

Categories: Financing, Investment

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Good news from Ticino

Ticino seems to be a start-up hot-spot these days. We published several reports about companies based in Southern Switzerland, e.g. Telormedix, Right Shoes and Ecker Technologies.