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Eight promising start-ups selected for next Swiss Venture Day

The next Swiss Venture Day will take place on 10 September in Zurich. Eight start-ups will pitch to investors: Scantrust, Kireego, Unono, Konduko, Versantis, Akselos, Avance Medical and milliPay.

Categories: Investor

Swiss Mobicamp returns to Bern in November

The agenda and website for Swiss Mobicamp, Switzerland’s leading event on the mobile ecosystem will go live on Monday.  To date Mobicamp has welcomed over 300 attendees representing at least 150 Swiss companies to the last 3 events which were all sold out.


Intensive exchange between ABB and ten selected start-ups

The first ABB start-up day in 2013 was a success. So it was decided to organize a second edition: Ten selected start-ups took the opportunity to present to and speak with around 30 representatives of several ABB business units last week.

Categories: Investor, Partnering

25-Jahre Institut für Jungunternehmen

Herzliche Gratulation: Das Institut für Jungunternehmen IFJ wurde vor 25 Jahren gegründet. Gestern lud Beat Schilllig, Ko-Gründer und Chef des Instituts für Jungunternehmen IFJ, die VIP’s der Schweizer Startup-Szene zur Jubiläumsfeier ins Zürcher Erlebnis-Restaurant “Tribhuus” ein.

Categories: Support

Rewinner and ImagineCargo win Climate-KIC Venture Competition

Yesterday the Climate-KIC Venture Competition Switzerland was held at ETH Zurich. The two winners receive prizes of CHF 24’000 each, as well as a place in the European Climate-KIC final taking place in Valencia, Spain in October.

Categories: Award

Internet der Dinge: Schweizer Startups prägen die Entwicklung

Unter den in 2014 prämierten Finalisten der weltweit größten Innovationswettbewerbe rund um das Internet der Dinge (“IoT”), die Maschine-Maschine Kommunikation (“M2M”) und Wearable Technologies (“WT”) sind vier Schweizer Startups zu finden. Für den IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2014/15 sind nun erneut Bewerber gesucht. Partner und Gewinner des internationalen Wettbewerbs kann man auf dem Smart World Event in Bern treffen.

Categories: Award

Young Swiss image sensor company acquired by CMOSIS

CMOSIS, a leading independent supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors for industrial, scientific and professional markets, has acquired all outstanding shares of the Swiss AWAIBA Group. AWAIBA develops and markets innovative line-scan CMOS imagers for industrial web inspection, sub-mm CMOS camera modules for endoscopy, and on-board automotive cameras.

Categories: Exit

GO BEYOND Investors realize a 4x return in two years from Sensima exit

In July reported about the acquisition of Sensima Technology. Now Go Beyond (GBI) revealed that Go Beyond Investors realized a 100% annualized return with the sale. Investments in Swiss start-ups can be very profitable.

Categories: Exit, Investor

Swiss medtech firms well positioned for the next burst of growth

In times of change, the Swiss medical technology firms have largely done their homework and expect an average growth rate of 9.7% for this year and next. In order to acquire market shares partnerships and acquisitions along the value chain are in demand. This is shown, for example, by the Swiss Medical Technology Industry Report (SMTI) 2014, which was compiled by Medical Cluster in collaboration with Patrick Dümmler and Beatus Hofrichter of ConCep+ and is based on an extensive survey of 341 medtech firms.

Categories: Report

Voyage dans le futur à la Nipconf 2014

Nipcast lance la 1ère Nipconf, un évènement dédié aux technologies émergentes, le 24 octobre au Swiss Tech convention Center à l’EPFL. Les participants pourront assister à des conférences en français, échanger avec les intervenants, et tester eux-mêmes les innovations qui envahiront bientôt notre quotidien.

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Profitable investment in Swiss start-ups

Acquisitions are extremely important for the Swiss start-up scene; they show that investment in young companies is worthwhile and they can help to improve the supply of venture capital. And in the last week we reported about several acquisitions:Yield Pop, Sensima Technology, Sight.IO, and Covagen.