27.07.2016 12:30

Kandou receives $15M to expand R&D

Kandou, an EPFL spin off spcialising in SerDes technologies, announces the completion of a $15M investment with Bessemer Venture Partners. The resources will enable Kandou to expand research and accelerate the development and deployment of Kandou’s Chord.

27.07.2016 11:25

Ava fertility tracker now on market

Ava is officially launching the first wearable fertility tracker for women on the market. The bracelet accurately detects the fertile window informing couples when the right time conceives draws closer.

27.07.2016 09:50

BestMile brings Silicon Valley investor on board

The Lausanne based startup, BestMile, is setting course for growth and expansion by bringing Payam Zamani, the CEO of OnePlanetOps on board. Zamani brings his know-how and expertise in the automotive industry and wants to ensure that BestMile continues to remain in the forefront innovation.


26.07.2016 15:52

NetGuardians joins Hong Kong Accelerator Program

The fintech startup NetGuardians, recognized for its software solution to combat fraud and risk for bank clients, has been selected from more than 150 applicants worldwide to participate at the DBS Accelerator program in Hong Kong.

26.07.2016 12:15

Two Swiss pioneers have made history

Today, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, have successfully landed in Abu Dhabi after circumnavigate the globe with their zero-emission electric and solar airplane (Si2). They covered over 40’000 km in 23 days. Si2 has proven that clean technologies can achieve the impossible.

26.07.2016 11:30

Payrexx und SwissBilling SA schliessen sich zusammen

Payrexx und SwissBilling SA werden Partner. Die beiden Schweizer Unternehmen ergänzen sich sehr gut und bereichern so den E-Commerce Markt im Dach-Raum.

26.07.2016 09:40

WISeKey and OpenLimit merge to enhance cybersecurity

Cyersecurity companies WISeKey and OpenLimit, listed on Six Swiss Exchange and Deutsche Boerse respectively, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to merge the two companies. The aim is to further expand cybersecurity and IoT platform and access to the German and EU IoT market.

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