Urs Hölzle: My other computer is a data center

23.01.2017 15:30 - 16:30
ETH Zürich, HG F30

As employee Nr. 8 of Google and current Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure Urs Hölzle was key in scaling up Google. In a lecture at ETH Zurich he will give insights into his personal career, the current opportunities of Cloud Computing and how his team protect, respect and defend Google users. Registration mandatory.

Urs Hölzle grew up in Switzerland and received a master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

Urs oversees the design, installation, and operation of the servers, networks, and data centers that power Google's services. Through efficiency innovations, Urs and his team have reduced the energy used by Google data centers to less than 50% of the industry average. And they are about to make life even easier for startups and larger companies alike by providing access to the same technology Google uses to power its own services, also in key areas such as Machine Learning.


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31.08.2017 17:00 - 21:30

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07.09.2017 16:00 - 19:30

Förderangebote für Innovationen Aula an der BFH Bern



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