20.07.2017 17:15

Schweizer Energie-Startups schliessen sich zusammen

Das Berner Start-up enersis suisse AG und Navitas Consilium SA (NCSA) aus Martigny haben Ende Juni 2017 ihre Partnerschaft bekannt gegeben. Die Unternehmen werden ihre Aktivitäten in digitalen Energieplattformen für Städte, Gemeinden und Versorgungsunternehmen zusammenführen, um ein gemeinsames, umfassendes visuelles Analysetool für Energiemanagement und -planung zu schaffen.

20.07.2017 15:50

BestMile is now ready to accelerate growth

Best Mile welcomes Christopher Choa and Randell Iwasaki to join its advisory board. The two will strengthen BestMile’s ability to match the rapid expansion of the autonomous mobility market. Bestmile developed the world's first cloud platform for the operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets.

20.07.2017 12:10

Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals receives EMA orphan drug designation

The Biotech Startup Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG announces that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has granted an Orphan Drug Designation for PN-1007 as a novel treatment for anti-MAG Neuropathy. An important milestone in the development of the new therapy.

20.07.2017 10:35

Fanpictor to create 75,000 beacons of light in Bank of America Stadium

Technology start-up Fanpictor has entered into agreement with the American Football club Carolina Panthers to commemorate the upcoming Fat Fest 2017. The startup will create a light show created by 75,000 smartphones in the Bank of America Stadium.

20.07.2017 09:00

A new investment for IRsweep

IRsweep, the provider of high-performance mid-infrared sensing solutions has closed an investment round with a Switzerland-based industrial company as an investor. The funds will be used to speed up market entry.

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02.08.2017 10:10 - 13:00

The NASA and Swiss Space Science – with Thomas Zurbuchen University of Bern, Kuppelsaal

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25.07.2017 16:00 - 19:00

CI/CD in cloud: Advanced automation and chaos engineering Impact Hub Sihlquai 131, Zürich

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