11 companies selected for Swiss Venture Day

30.08.2013 13:55

The 42nd Swiss Venture Day will take place on 11 September in Zurich. Cosibon, Codecheck.info, Sompharmaceuticals, Crisalix, Ampard, BEN Energy and Cassantec were chosen for a regular pitch. In addition there will be four elevator pitches by daCarbo, Climeworks, ProteoMedix and Actlight.

Again a record number of promising start-ups will present at the next Swiss Venture Day. For the last Venture Day in June 10 companies were selected this time 11 start-ups will present themselves to the investors.

The 42nd Venture Day takes place at the SWX Swiss Exchange, Zurich, on 11 September in the afternoon. Registration on the website of CTI Invest. In the morning there will be an Angelday. The topic of this interactive workshop for business angels will be “Incentive Plans”.

Regular Pitches:

Cosibon has developed a system to allow qualified communication and interaction between consumers, retailers and product makers. The system is centered on digital receipts which are sent to the customer’s smartphone right after checkout.

Codecheck is an online product compendium, which helps critical consumers with their purchasing decisions. The compendium can be used anywhere thanks to the Codecheck app.

Sompharmaceuticals is focused on improving the treatment of patients with growth hormone pituitary tumors and metastatic neuroendocrine tumors.

Crisalix is the inventor of the first web-based 3D simulator for plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures. As a pioneer in its field, Crisalix has developed a unique solution for creating the patient’s body in 3D from 2D images.

Ampard develops modern and viable energy storage solutions for power from renewable sources. Ampard’s service grid operators and utilities intelligently enhance grid performance, improve ecological footprint and reduce operating costs of its assets.

Ben Energy develops software that combines data mining with psychology to redefine how people experience energy and how utility companies engage their customers – it constitutes the basis for next generation energy efficiency services.

Cassantec is an independent provider of next-generation predictive offerings for industrial equipment condition monitoring, malfunction risk analysis, remaining lifetime estimation and optimal outage scheduling.

Elevator Pitches:

daCarbo focusses on wind instruments from carbon fiber compounds. Instrument-makers, engineers, acoustic designers and musicians have worked together intensively to develop a trumpet which is remarkably easy to play yet produces a warm and rounded tone.

Climeworks provides solutions for efficiently capturing CO2 out of ambient air offering a competitive and environmentally friendly CO2 supply to our customers. Climeworks CO2 enables the production of carbon-neutral renewable fuels.

ProteoMediX is specialized in the identification of novel biomarkers for the early detection of cancer and the personalized treatment thereof. The first product currently developed is a blood-based test that enables the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

ActLight develops small solar modules with embedded logic in chip-like devices. Aimed at the portable consumer electronics (CE) devices market, ActLight has built a smart solar module that uses the standard, low-cost CMOS process, which is capable of powering stand-alone devices.

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