Ready for the 2016 start-up competitions?

Stefan Kyora

31.12.2015 09:14

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Startup awards

Start-ups can apply for several important Swiss competitions. Our list provides an overview of competitions with deadlines in January and February.

Today, there are quite a lot of different awards for young entrepreneurs. They support start-ups with money, with strong networks in Switzerland and abroad and with media attention. Competitions with application deadlines in the coming weeks are:

Application Deadline: 15 January

Worldwebforum Startup Award
Application Deadline: 15 January

SwissUpStart Challenge
Application Deadline: 17 January

Swiss Economic Award
Application Deadline: 31 January

Best of Swiss Web
Application Deadline: 1 February

venture pitch, Lausanne
Event Date: 2 February

Swiss E-Commerce Awards
Application Deadline: 26. Februar

Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech
Application Deadline: 28 February

venture pitch, Zurich
Event Date: 1 March


Prix Créateurs BCVs 2016
Application deadline: 15 March

venture pitch, Lausanne
Event Date: 5 April

venture pitch, Zurich
Event Date: 26.4.

>>venture 2016>>
Application Deadline: 28 April

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Never miss a deadline again

Our list of prizes for entrepreneurs includes about 100 of the most important awards for start-ups. The highlight is our alert system, which allows you to follow any award and receive email notification when the deadline is approaching and when the winners are announced.