Algrano closes seed funding round

05.01.2015 09:05

Algrano, the Swiss coffee startup, founded algrano AG and successfully raised seed capital early December.

After being selected for the startup Brasil program last September, the team raised seed money from two private investors in Switzerland. Combined with the support of the startup Brasil program, the company now has a financial foundation that allows the three co-founders to dedicate themselves 100% to the startup and accelerate its development during the next 12 months. 

In January the team will relocate to Vitoria, Brasil, to participate in the startup Brasil acceleration program. Their objectives for the coming year are to release a functional prototype, test their model of direct sourcing of coffee with partners and secure their first paying customers.

Algrano is building an online marketplace that enables roasters to directly source specialty coffee from producers. The start-up is run by three long-term friends. Gilles Brunner holds a Master Degree in International Relations and has worked for several years in the coffee trading industry. Christian Burri has an IT and Physics background and served as a sustainability consultant. Raphael Studer, PhD in Economics, held positions as analyst in energy trading and business developer in a small cap.

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