Limmex nominated for Swisscom Business Award

30.05.2013 10:08

The Swisscom Business Award recognises Swiss companies and institutions that have implemented revolutionary solutions in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Yesterday the names of the nominees have been published. Limmex is one of them.

The Swisscom Business Award 2013 will be awarded in the categories “Mobility” and “Efficient collaboration”. A jury of experts will judge your future-oriented ICT solution according to the criteria business benefits, environmental sustainability and technology. The award comes with total prize money of CHF 110,000.

One of the six nominees is Limmex. Limmex has been developing, producing and marketing personal safety solutions since 2011. With the Limmex emergency call watch, the company has brought a global innovation onto the market.

Just a touch of a button and the Limmex emergency call watch sets up a telephone call with a previously specified person. The wearer can speak to this person thanks to the integrated speakers and microphone. Older people or those with health problems, in particular, regain some of their independence with the emergency call watch. The watch also provides athletes with the security they require when off the beaten track. The challenge during implementation was to miniaturise all the innovations. Efficient aerials, good acoustics, the solderable SIM card and the redundant concept for increased security are combined with traditional Swiss watchmaking.

The Jury of the Swisscom Business Award comments: “We like the innovative content of the project. There is nothing else like it in Central Europe. The Limmex watch responds to a genuine customer need. ICT/mobile is the heart of the watch and not only makes the product possible, but accelerates and reduces the cost of an existing process.”

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