Nhumi focusses on data analytics and pharma

08.11.2013 09:57

Nhumi Technologies' announces that its software Visual Health has just been sold to Imatis AS, a health IT company from Norway.

Nhumi Technologies AG sold its health-related business including its software "Visual Health", to Imatis AS, a leading software development company based in Norway providing clinical workflow, logistics and integration technology for the healthcare and welfare sector. Imatis plans to integrate Visual Health into its solutions to improve doctors' and patients' access to health information in a clinical environment. This transfer will enable the technology to grow in new directions with a strong focus on patients and hospitals. Nhumi keeps its activities in data analytics and pharma.

Nhumi Technologies was founded by former IBM Researchers in 2009 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Its purpose is to help its users to get the right information faster. Nhumi supports pharmaceutical companies and health organizations get meaningful data for example with Study Insight. This web application helps Clinical Trial Teams to review medical data efficiently.

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