Swiss start-ups featured in WIRED

13.11.2013 09:14

WIRED reported about Apelab and AgFlow. And other important online magazines published articles about nViso, High-Tech Bridge and BugBuster. Our start-up press review.

WIRED: An Amazing iPad Movie Where the Tablet Is a Magic Window
IDNA, from apelab, is a new experiment in spatial storytelling.

WIRED: Startup of the Week: AgFlow
Geneva-based AgFlow is a market intelligence platform for people who trade in shipments of grains and oilseeds, which aims to bring transparency to agricultural commodity markets.

American Banker: BNZ Technology Reads People's Faces for Honest Feedback
Aiming to draw attention to its brand — and potentially its branches — Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) has launched a website called EmotionScan that comes with an app that reads web camera-equipped consumers' emotional reactions to varied financial scenarios using the technology of Swiss start-up nViso.

Financial Times: High-Tech Bridge ImmuniWeb Security Assessment
Online Fort Knox-style protection from a crack team of “ethical hackers”

Techcrunch: Switzerland’s BugBuster Secures $1 Million Series A For Its Cloud-Based Bug Detection Software
Article about the Series A round and BugBuster’s technology.

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