Newspapers and magazines provide background information about the start-up world

03.09.2013 17:41

In our start-up press review you will find background information about Secu4 and why founder Ralph Rimet left the company, about the Swiss smart watch start-up Hyetis and about the growth potential of crowd financing. Interesting reading is also provided by the CTI Entrepreneurship Newsletter.

Bilan: Ralph Rimet: «Le business et le sport, c’est la même jungle»

Secu4, active dans la fabrication et la commercialisation d’accessoires de téléphonie mobile, a vu son fondateur quitter la barque.


Tribune de Genève : Hyetis. Et si la «smartwatch» tant attendue était genevoise?

Article about Hyetis, the start-up behind the first Swiss smart watch


Le Temps: Les attentes liées au financement participatif sont jugées exagérées

Article about the growth potential of crowd financing.


CTI Entrepreneurship Newsletter

The CTI Entrepreneurship newsletter provides regular information about the training programme of the federal government for the establishment of knowledge-based start-up companies in Switzerland.


NZZ: Nur du und ich

Article about the IT Security Start-up Qnective


NZZ: Wie ein Zürcher Startup Schweizer Unternehmen grüner macht

Portait of the cleantech start-up


Picture: Fotolia. With kind support from Fotolia

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