26.04.2017 10:15

1Drop Diagnostics and Massachusetts General Hospital Collaborate

1Drop Diagnostics has announced that the funding of their collaboration with clinicians at the Massachusetts General Hospital has been continued. The start-up and the clinicians are investigating a diagnostic device for clinics, nursing and rehabilitation homes, and pharmacies. By affordably and rapidly measuring blood biomarkers, the proposed device would be capable of saving lives.


25.04.2017 13:20

Red Bull und Audi setzen auf Struckd

Der Baukasten zur Game-Entwicklung von Struckd kommt bei Grossunternehmen an: RedBull und Audi haben zwei neue Wettbewerbe auf Basis der Struckd Software gestartet.

25.04.2017 11:28

DEPsys enters global energy startup accelerator program Free Electrons

The Vaud-based startup DEPsys, offering an energy optimisation platform, has entered the global energy startup accelerator program Free Electrons. Through the program, DEPsys has the opportunity to work with eight of the most influential utilities in the world and deploy its GridEye solution in very different global environments.


24.04.2017 17:46

ImmuniWeb most innovative solution on the Application Security Testing market

In a new market research Frost & Sullivan has recognized High-tech Bridge as the most innovative player on the Application Security Testing marketplace. High-Tech Bridge’s ImmuniWeb leverages the power of supervised machine learning technology for intelligent automation of web and mobile application security testing and ranked better than solutions by IBM or HPE.

24.04.2017 09:01

H55, a Solar Impulse technological start-up, takes off

Solar Impulse’s Co-Founder, CEO and Pilot, André Borschberg is now taking electric propulsion technology a step further. H55, which André Borschberg co-founded, will develop and leverage the potential of electric propulsion in the world of aviation, with the goal to make air transport cleaner, quieter, safer and more affordable.


20.04.2017 16:51

F10: The first batch is through

Fintech incubator F10 bids farewell to its first batch of the P2 program. Eight of ten startups have graduated. Startupticker spoke with Markus Graf, the Head of the F10 FinTech Incubator and Accelerator.

20.04.2017 09:15

Contovista kooperiert mit Raiffeisen

Das Zürcher FinTech Startup Contovista gibt die Lancierung seiner Personal Finance Management Lösung bei Raiffeisen bekannt. Der digitale Finanzassistent erleichtert die übersichtliche Organisation der persönlichen Finanzen im E-Banking.

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04.05.2017 09:00 - 17:00

Swiss Biotech Day 2017 Congress Center Basel, Switzerland


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02.05.2017 16:11 - 16:17

Exit Strategy for Startup EPFL Innovation Park

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