31.07.2017 17:15

IRewind delivers personalised video clips for the UBS Kids Cup

Software startup iRewind has delivered personalised finisher video clips for the junior athletes participating in the 2017 UBS Kids Cup. Over 1800 clips were produced each day. The startup will again deliver a video clip for each participating kid in the Swiss final.


28.07.2017 09:20

Akselos and LICengineering to build Offshore Structures for Shell

Engineering modelling and simulation technology company Akselos, and the design-focused company LICengineering have been collaborating to deliver the Joint Industry Project (JIP) for oil and gas operators. The two have announced the signing of Royal Dutch Shell as the first operator to participate in the two-year digital twin initiative.


27.07.2017 11:20

Loriot gains growth momentum

Loriot, an Internet of Things (IoT) specialist, has seen significant growth since its foundation in 2015. Today, the startup serves more than 6000 clients in 100 countries. The startup is further expanding its team in its headquarters in Thalwil to extend its core business and customer services.


26.07.2017 11:45

Starmind's AI solution to unite 12’000 employees

Starmind, a Zurich based company specialising in cognitive computing has developed an AI solution for one of the world’s oldest advertising agencies, J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT). More than 12000 employees in the JWT’s global network can now ask questions and get access to company know-how in real-time.


25.07.2017 16:15

Serviceportal CVCube auf Wachstumskurs

Das Zürcher Startup CVCube, das eine Serviceplattform für Weiterbildung betreibt, hat in den ersten 18 Monaten seit der Gründung ein Kursvolumen von über einer Million Schweizer Franken vermittelt.

25.07.2017 08:45

Switzerland maintains first position for the 7th time

Switzerland again ranks number 1 in the 10th edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII), making it the most innovative country in the world with an efficiency ratio of 0.95. Together with Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom they make up the Top five.


24.07.2017 10:00

FLYNT AG receives banking-license from FINMA

Fintech startup Flynt announced it obtained a banking-license from the Switzerland's financial regulator FINMA. The startup now operates under FLYNT Bank AG. The licence gives Flynt the independence to pursue wealth management innovatively.

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31.08.2017 17:00 - 21:30

TALK PLUS 2017 Food for Life – von der Idee zum Erfolg ROOT D4 Platz 4, 6039

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07.09.2017 16:00 - 19:30

Förderangebote für Innovationen Aula an der BFH Bern

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