24.04.2017 15:29

swissnex Network's Annual Report: Start-ups among the highlights

Today swissnex Network’s Annual report was published – a very interesting read for entrepreneurs.


13.04.2017 15:40

CTI startup Label for IOT and Agro-tech startups

Two startups providing tech-based solutions have been bestowed with the CTI Startup Label: Nexiot, providing smart solutions for the logistics industry and CombaGroup, providing cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for growing leaf vegetables.


11.04.2017 17:02

“I was surprised by the level of development and sophistication of the start-ups”

Dominique Gruhl-Bégin succeeded Vital Meyer as Head of Start-up and Entrepreneurship at the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI a few weeks ago. We talked with her about her experiences, her plans and why start-ups should have a closer look at the CTI support offerings and we asked Vital Meyer about his view of the Swiss start-up scene.


06.04.2017 08:55

Virtual Switzerland: Un réseau pour allier innovation et interaction

Virtual Switzerland, le nouveau réseau thématique national soutenu par la CTI a été officiellement lancé ce lundi lors de la conférence annuelle de l’Innovation Forum Lausanne qui s’est tenue au Rolex Learning Center de l’EPFL. La rédaction de a eu la chance de pouvoir poser quelques questions à l’équipe qui porte ce réseau prometteur : Christoffer Lund et Laetitia Bochud.


31.03.2017 09:19

Virtual Switzerland to be launched at IFL Annual Conference

Innovation Forum Lausanne (IFL), a group of PhD science & business students whose goal is to foster the next generation of scientist-entrepreneurs, will be hosting their third annual conference next Monday at EPFL Rolex Learning Center. This special event marks the kick-off of the new Virtual Switzerland national network, one of the eleven National Thematic Networks (NTN) supported by the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).


22.03.2017 13:47

Annalise Eggimann wird Direktorin der neuen Innosuisse

Der Bundesrat hat heute auf Antrag des Verwaltungsrates von Innosuisse die Wahl von Annalise Eggimann, der aktuellen Geschäftsführerin der Kommission für Technologie und Innovation (KTI), zur Direktorin von Innosuisse genehmigt. Mit dieser Wahl erfolgt ein weiterer wichtiger Schritt zur Überführung der heutigen KTI in die neue, ab 2018 rechtlich selbständige Förderagentur des Bundes. / Sur proposition du conseil d’administration d’Innosuisse, le Conseil fédéral a donné aujourd’hui son approbation à la nomination d’Annalise Eggimann, actuellement à la tête du secrétariat de la Commission pour la technologie et l’innovation (CTI), en qualité de directrice d’Innosuisse.


02.03.2017 16:00

Biotech startups receive the CTI startup label

The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation has awarded Dorphan and Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals the CTI label. While both startups focus on the development of innovative therapeutic treatments, Dorphan is focusing on treating rare diseases, and Polyneuron focuses on treatments for autoimmune disorders.

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04.05.2017 09:00 - 17:00

Swiss Biotech Day 2017 Congress Center Basel, Switzerland


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02.05.2017 16:11 - 16:17

Exit Strategy for Startup EPFL Innovation Park

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