14.07.2017 13:26

“Our corporate services have a strong focus on open innovation”

Last week Baloise announced first results of the collaboration with Go Beyond’s Corporate Venturing group. We asked Klaus Kummermehr, Partner at Go Beyond, about this group and its collaboration with Baloise and other corporates.


30.06.2017 13:02

„Wir konzentrieren uns voll auf die Beratung von Startups“

Lukas Weder und Pascal Mathis sind erfolgreiche Gründer, die vor einigen Monaten ihre Jobs gekündigt und stattdessen das Beratungsunternehmen Wingman gestartet haben. Was Wingman besonders macht und warum sie keinen Accelerator gegründet haben verraten sie im Interview.


26.06.2017 10:00

„Wir haben eine grosse Zahl relevanter Startups aus aller Welt angezogen“

Swisscom hat mit internationalen Partnern bereits zwei „Calls for Innovation“ durchgeführt, bei denen Startups aus eng umrissenen Themengebieten für eine Zusammenarbeit gesucht werden. Wir haben André Schraner, Startup / Open Innovation Manager bei der Swisscom nach den Erfahrungen gefragt.


20.06.2017 14:10

“We are constantly learning”

The selection for the four Kickstart Accelerator Verticals in Zurich is in full swing. We talked to programme manager Patricia Schlenter about the feedback from participants in the first programme, improvements and international interest in the accelerator.


24.05.2017 14:34

“In Switzerland, we are not aggressive enough”

Digitalisation in the health sector is in full swing. Switzerland is well positioned, but must be careful not to be overtaken by old and new competitors, according to serial entrepreneur Ulf Claesson. Active himself in this field with Clinerion, Claesson knows the situation first hand.


19.05.2017 14:15

Xsensio set to rise the Lab-on-Skin game

Xsensio, the Vaud-based startup developing a proprietary Lab-on-Skin sensing platform, has been building momentum lately by focusing on the execution of its B2B strategy. In our interview, CEO Esmeralda Megally, shares her experience and speaks about the projects of her company as well as the nomination of their new Chairperson, Beth Krasna.


18.05.2017 10:16

“We offer access to talent and large pharma groups”

The new life science accelerator Baselaunch has already attracted the interest of 140 start-ups. We talk to managing director Alethia de Leon about what makes the accelerator attractive and why it is not a good idea to postpone application until just before the deadline.

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02.08.2017 10:10 - 13:00

The NASA and Swiss Space Science – with Thomas Zurbuchen University of Bern, Kuppelsaal

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25.07.2017 16:00 - 19:00

CI/CD in cloud: Advanced automation and chaos engineering Impact Hub Sihlquai 131, Zürich

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