03.07.2017 18:05

Biopôle's Life Sciences Incubator

The Biopôle site in the Lausanne area houses more than 50 companies and institutions in the life science field. The organisation announced recently the addition of an incubator to its offering. Applications for StartLab, the incubator with 700 m2 of fully equipped laboratories and 300 m2 of shared offices are now open.

03.07.2017 18:01

Apelab's new game on Samsung Gear VR

Break a Leg’s first chapter will be available for free exclusively on the Samung Gear VR on June 29!

Tailor-made for the new controller, Break a Leg aims at bringing high-quality interactivity and a polished storyline to mobile platforms. The free chapter is a sneak-peek of the full experience coming out early Q3 2017. Break a Leg has been 100% built with apelab’s SpatialStories toolkit allowing content creators to build interactive stories without a line of code.


26.06.2017 13:50

Pitching DEPsys in Berlin

Smart grid optimisation: CEO Michael De Vivo pitches DEPsys at Ecosummit Berlin 2017.

26.06.2017 13:45

Future of Deep Tech in Europe

Interview with Atomico's Siraj Khaliq at Pioneers'17

Pioneers’17 (previously Pioneers Festival) sought to address issues around human augmentation this year. Namely the future-facing tech that will enhance human capacity to address world challenges.

In the opening session, Atomico’s Siraj Khaliq shared his thoughts on Europe’s deep tech potential in a stage interview with Pioneers co-founder Jürgen Furian. Atomico also launched its Europe Meets China Games Report to co-incide with the first day of Pioneers'17. “We are approaching US levels in terms of numbers of deep tech startups in Europe, with over 1000 founded since 2014,” said Khaliq. He also pointed out the importance of talent when it comes to investment potential. “Money follows talent, and that talent is spread across Europe.”

Source: Pioneers Youtube Channel


16.06.2017 20:06

De chanteur à entrepreneur

Gustav lance sa Manufactur avec l'appui de Fri Up

Er hat auf Schweizer Bühnen und am anderen Ende der Welt gespielt. Nach 20 Jahren Karriere lässt Freiburger Sänger und Songwriter Pascal Vonlanthen, Alias Gustav, die Rampenlichter hinter sich um Unternehmer zu werden! Mit Hilfe von Fri Up gründet er die Gustav Manufactur. Ein zweisprachiges Projet, das er uns im Interview anlässlich seines Jubiläumskonzert im Frison am 24. Mai präsentierte.

Il a parcouru les scènes suisses et chanté à l'autre bout du monde. Après 20 ans de carrière, le chanteur et compositeur fribourgeois Pascal Vonlanthen, alias GUSTAV, laisse le feu des projecteurs derrière lui pour devenir entrepreneur! Il crée la Gustavmanufactur, un projet bilingue que nous avons le plaisir d'accompagner. Explications en interview le jour de son concert jubilé à Fri-Son le 24 mai dernier.

16.06.2017 20:03

Printing of submicron structures

This animation shows an example of how Cytosurge's FluidFM µ3Dprinter prints submicron structures.


11.06.2017 16:53

The mesmerizing omnidirectional drone

The Voliro hexacopter has been developed, assembled and programmed as a student project at ETH Zurich.

It has the unique capability of being able to hover in any arbitrary orientation, even vertically or upside down. Unlike standard multicopters, the position and the orientation are completely decoupled and can be steered independently. This is achieved by six additional tilting motors which allow the rotor units to turn around its axes.

The Voliro hexacopter is a platform which expands the potential of conventional drones and allows many future applications. As it can fly vertically, it could also drive with a chassis on a wall and perform tasks like bridge inspection or creating paintings on the wall.

Please support the Voliro team for the public european drone hero award by voting at: http://woobox.com/ik5t9k/gallery/LOqL...

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02.08.2017 10:10 - 13:00

The NASA and Swiss Space Science – with Thomas Zurbuchen University of Bern, Kuppelsaal

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25.07.2017 16:00 - 19:00

CI/CD in cloud: Advanced automation and chaos engineering Impact Hub Sihlquai 131, Zürich

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