20.09.2017 15:07

How Switzerland became a global cryptofinance capital

Olga Feldmeier's keynote at the ICO Summit.

Source: Smart Valor Youtube Channel

20.09.2017 15:02

Sending the first Swiss burger into Space!

In August 2017, the ETH Entrepreneur Club together with Unicorn Labs sent the first Swiss burger into space! The weather balloon was launched in Zurich and reached an altitude of approx. 30 km (98'425.2 ft).


13.09.2017 10:50

Weniger Antibiotika in der Tierhaltung

Am Talk Plus des Technopark Luzern drehte sich alles um das Thema Food. Zu den Referenten gehörte Duncan Sutherland, CEO TwentyGreen. Im Interview erklärt er, das Probiotikum des Startups in der Nutztierernährung einen entscheidenden Beitrag zur Reduktion des Antibiotika-Einsatzes leisten soll.

Weitere Interviews mit Referenten, ein Rückblick mit den wichtigsten Statements und eine Bildergalerie des Events findet sich auf der Webseite des Technoparks Luzern

13.09.2017 10:37

CTI Masterclass at Swiss Startup Days

On the first day of the Swiss Startups Days in October several Masterclasses are offered for start-ups. In the CTI Masterclass Dominique Gruhl-Bégin will enlighten the participants about CTI's support for start-ups. 

More trailers for the Swiss Startup Days on the Swiss Startup Invest Youtube Channel.


06.09.2017 16:19

Swiss Fintech Day - The Video

Summary of the Swiss Fintech Day with Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann.

Source: Swiss Finance Startups

06.09.2017 10:07

Thomson Reuters Labs open for applications

Thomson Reuters recently launched Thomson Reuters Labs – The Incubator.  Located in Zug, Switzerland, the Incubator will host early-stage entrepreneurs building next-generation products in big data, advanced analytics, distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other transformational technologies.  As part of the official program, startups will receive access to Thomson Reuters world-class data and content sets, mentoring from experienced executives and networking opportunities for investment and commercialization. 

Source: Thomson Reuters Youtube Channel


03.09.2017 14:52

UC Berkeley and 500 Startups at IMD

One-day program focusing on the nuts and bolts of deal-making for investors and lawyers who want to improve their ability to define, negotiate, and execute early-stage investments.

Source: IMD Youtube channel

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02.10.2017 17:00 - 20:00

Seif Award ceremony 2017 Volkshaus Zurich, Stauffacherstrasse 60, 8004 Zürich

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04.10.2017 @EPFL; 17:15-21:00

Startup Acceleration Workshop No. 1 : The story of your startup EPFL, Route Cantonale 1015 Lausanne BC 01/02

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