Flatev’s market entry is on the horizon

11.04.2014 12:58

Flatev has invented a machine that can prepare tortillas and other flatbreads at the touch of a button in less than a minute. Working with a pod system similar to a Keurig, the machine takes capsules of dough into fresh bread. Flatev now has started a pre-order campaign for its tortilla machine.

A quarter of the world today is eating some variety of flatbreads. Flatev provides a new solution for the fully automatic and instant preparation of a wide variety of flatbread sorts for households and small enterprises. Its Flatbread preparation system enables everyone the easiest preparation of high-qualitative flatbreads with the usage of a flatbread machine and its corresponding dough-capsules.

In its recent newsletter the flatev team shared some interesting news. The new website was launched in March and on the website it’s now possible to pre-order flatev’s tortilla machine. First pre-orders are already pouring in. To reserve a spot on the waiting list for the first batch of machines, you have to go to flatev’s pre-order page and enter your email address.

In addition the company with offices in Zurich and Boston has started a new financing round. Flatev is in the middle of raising a $600k round of capital investments to fund critical R&D projects and is interested in discussing investment opportunities with prospective investors. 

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