Volkswirtschafts-Stiftung supports One Drop Diagnostics

20.12.2013 13:50

The „Eidgenössische Stiftung zur Förderung schweizerischer Volkswirtschaft durch wissenschaftliche Forschung“ supports start-ups since 1996 with interest-free loans. The foundation decided recently to grant a loan to One Drop Diagnostics.

Currently, diagnostics tests suffer from a trade-off between performance and ease-of-use. Clinical laboratories provide high performance tests that are accurate, sensitive and can detect multiple biomarkers. However, they do not provide immediate results, require expensive centralized equipment and trained users. At the other extreme, point-of-care devices provide rapid results from a single drop of blood. However, they are often not accurate or sensitive enough, are not always easy to use and can be expensive.

One Drop Diagnostics has developed a mobile medical diagnostics device that provides rapid, accurate and sensitive diagnostics of multiple biomarkers from one drop of blood in a low cost, handheld format. This device could revolutionize medical diagnostics by allowing anyone to perform laboratory quality diagnosis and monitoring of biomarkers at the doctor’s office, at home or anywhere. One Drop Diagnostics’ mobile medical diagnostics device gives physicians and patients direct and immediate access to the personal health information needed in an increasingly patient focused healthcare system. It is no longer necessary to wait hours or even days for the results of tests at a specialized laboratory. One Drop Diagnostics was founded in 2012 and is based in Neuchâtel.

The “Volkswirtschafts-Stiftung” supports companies that are not older than 12 months and use technology which was developed at a Swiss university (ETH, university or universities of applied science). The organisation provides interest-free loans in a very early phase of a start-up-project. The money is usually used for incorporation and IP costs. Every year the foundation supports three to six companies.

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