New Mobile Platform Empowering Artists to Interact Directly with Fans

10.12.2014 11:21

Coteries announces the launch of a platform that allows musicians to entertain their fans and get their support in a new way. Singer and dancer INNA, who is among the few artists to have over 1bn views on their Youtube channel, will use Coteries’ solution to build a stronger relationship with her 13M+ fans.

With smartphones now being ubiquitous, mobile solutions represent a unique, innovative and direct way to connect with fans and provide them with interactive and cutting-edge experiences. Available on both iOS and Android, Coteries’ platform is an original combination of an artist’s mobile fan club, a personal streaming service and a direct monetization tool. As Coteries’ CEO Sebastien Flury explained, “our solution is ‘Facebook Rooms meets Spotify’, and provides the artist with countless benefits”. Indeed, the artist is in the driver’s seat and defines both the content and the price. Flury added: “Subscription models are really promising for musicians: they are predictable!”

In the booming field of music and community-based services, Coteries is leading the way with a unique approach that fosters an authentic and direct relationship between artists and their fans. Coteries’ solution allows artists to create unique online and offline experiences for fans. Marc Geiger, from William Morris Endeavor, estimated at Midem 2014 that the Artist Channel market will reach $2bn in just a few years. Coteries ambitions to play a major role in this transition and to reach a significant market share.

The company is now launching a multi-artist platform, gathering numerous musicians and bands to interact and engage with fans in an easy and creative way. Founded in 2012 by three music lovers and orchestrated by CEO Sebastien Flury Coteries works in close collaboration with Swiss pop sensation Bastian Baker and other musicians to create this new fan club solution.

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