The new talent exchange platform skillharbour is online

25.02.2014 14:15

The innovative platform was launched to bring together and foster the independent exchange of the diverse talents and abilities which each of us possess in a simple and entertaining way.

Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who could help somebody with something, but this is mostly restricted to family, friends, and neighbors. This is just where skillharbour steps in. Skillharbour is the home base for everybody’s knowledge, talents, hobbies and abilities. skillharbour brings together the wide variety of talent found among all of its members. Supply and demand come together on this creative platform. Skillharbour members can exchange their knowledge and abilities in a simple and enjoyable way.

Skillharbour is an online exchange platform. Offers are exchanged for time and cannot be bought or sold for money. When someone helps a fellow member, giving knowledge or abilities for an hour, he or she will receive an hour of credit from skillharbour. This credit can be exchanged for the talent of any other member. This enables the free sharing of talent, across the entirety of skillharbour’s member listings.

- offers access to exciting talents.
- is free and very clear and simple to use.
- is an alternative in the sense of the sharing economy to the fast-paced and impersonal consumerism.
- enables members to use their time for things, which are important to them, and in return learn to do things which they could not do before.
- enables members to try things they have always wanted to do, but have not yet had the chance to tackle for a thousand different reasons.
- is trustworthy and personal.

Skillharbour is a Swiss corporation responsible for the development and operations of The start-up is based in Basel and was founded by Graziella Michel and Beat Michel.

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