Biowatch, CSEM and Idiap join forces

03.02.2016 08:31

CSEM and Idiap are working in close collaboration on the applied research project BIOWAVE (BIOmetric Watch Activated by VEins) for the benefit of the startup BIOWATCH. The flagship product of BIOWATCH is a biometric identification system integrated into the buckle of a watchband.

BIOWATCH’s system enables the secure authentication of a person by detecting the unique pattern of veins on the wrist. Numerous applications are possible, from bank card payments to opening a vehicle to replacing the passwords used everyday on a computer.

To be identified, the user first activates the watchband buckle so that the system can acquire an image of the wrist veins. Once the wristband is reclosed, an algorithm of biometric classification confirms (or not) the user’s identity. The information is then encrypted and conserved until the next deployment of the watchband. To maximize the system’s security, the identification is deleted when the watch is removed from the wrist. Powered by a wireless rechargeable battery that lasts a solid week, the system is targeting a recognition rate of 99.9%.

CSEM’s main task in the project is to develop the hardware, comprised of a miniature vision system including extra-slim optics and the capacity to process embedded information. Idiap is putting in place the algorithmic development infrastructure (BEAT platform: Biometrics Evaluation and Testing) and is co-developing the vein recognition algorithm with BIOWATCH. Finally, BIOWATCH will handle encryption and transmission of the authentication as well as the design and packaging of its product.

This project, scheduled over 18 months, debuts in February 2016 and is being produced with the financial support of CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation), the federal agency responsible for the promotion of science-based innovation.


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