Summerpreneurhip: Find talented interns

02.02.2016 13:00

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Summerpreneurship brings impact-driven start-ups together with talented students for a summer internship from June to August 2016. In addition the program offers a lean and effective HR training.

Summerpreneurship is an innovative education program organised by Impact Hub Zurich. During the internship entrepreneurs have the opportunity to acquire valuable support to drive their ventures.

One of the first elements of the program is the HR Workshop, which offers a lean and effective HR training about the essentials of hiring from a start-up perspective. Participants will learn the relevant HR and recruiting aspects particularly about defining HR needs, writing a job offer & selecting candidates effectively as well as scoping, screening, interviewing and legal aspects. During the workshop experts will show attendees how to get the recruiting process started and what the key aspects are. During the 3 hours session there will be time to ask individual questions. This workshop is open for everyone but tailored for startups interested in the Summerpreneurship program.

The Summerpreneurship Academy is mainly organised for students to complement the internship over summer. In addition to HR training, start-up companies will have the opportunity to find top-notch interns from a large pool of talented students. They will also acquire assistance from the Impact Hub team, which will take over all project management activities such as searching and the pre-selection.

Other benefits of the programme include exposure to the large network of Impact Hub and the opportunity for the start up to be broadcasted widely. Interns will likewise gain unique experience of the overall start-up scene. 

“Thanks to Summerpreneurship we found Pere, a highly motivated and skilled student, who took responsibility and helped us grow. He behaved like a real entrepreneur! Plus, the integrated educational sessions taught us a lot about successful recruitment enabling us to put it immediately into practice.” Tom Strobl, co-founder of Wildbiene and Partner

Registration for the Summerpreneruship programm is until 26 Februar 2016.


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