YouTube Monetisation and Promotion with iMusician

06.01.2014 16:21

From mid-January 2014 onwards iMusician Digital will be offering its customers an attractive new service – the monetisation of their videos with platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, and

iMusician Digital is offering active support for monetising musing on video platforms – the company creates videos for the songs of its customers, and promote them on its own channels (on YouTube and other video platforms), creating extra opportunities for monetisation. The channels correspond with the main genres represented by our partners: ROCK, ELECTRONIC, WORLD, URBAN and POP. Separate channels for jazz and classical music are not currently included. iMusicianDigital will ensure that songs of its customers are available on YouTube via these channels, increasing their potential for monetisation.

On top of this, the start-up will also monetise any videos which feature music of their customers. Videos are often made using music that has not been credited, meaning that it can be difficult to find out about and monetise this use of your audio content. iMusician will be able to help customers solve this problem by using YouTube’s ‘fingerprinting system’, called Content ID. YouTube only offers this feature to big labels and publishers, and iMusician is happy to announce that we will be part of this group.

The backend of the solution is in a “beta-phase” right now. It will be launched in mid-January 2014. More information can be found in a blog post on the iMusician website.

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