Composyt Light Labs SA acquired by Intel Corporation

20.01.2015 14:05

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While many tech companies are investigating the market for smart glasses, Composyt’s glasses are the only product that offer a fashion-forward alternative. That is obviously interesting for big corporates such as Intel. Today Composyt, an EPFL spin-off, has announced that the start-up was bought by Intel. 

Composyt completed the transaction with Intel at the end of 2014. The four founders Eric Tremblay, David Ziegler, Mickaël Guillaumée and Christophe Moser thank all the partners and supporters who helped in the development of the company.

Smart glasses have huge potential for the future of mobile computing and visual augmented reality. However existing see-through near-eye display technologies- the central technology in smart glasses- have extremely difficult trade-offs. Current see-through displays aimed at the consumer market are either too small in image size for augmented reality (for example Google Glass), or too bulky to be practical. Further, aesthetics are of crucial importance and all existing wearable display technologies fall short of the ideal: discreet and normal looking eyewear. 
Composyt’s solution is a patented see-through display architecture invented at EPFL. The display integrates discreetly with normal eyewear, enabling a new generation of aesthetic smart glasses. The technolgy has several important advantages:

  • stylish normal-looking eyeware
  • large image size
  • very high transparency, no see-throug aberrations
  • can work in combination with prescription glasses.

In May 2014 smartglasses that were co-developed with another EPFL-spin-off, Lemoptix were shown at Augmented World Expo (AWE) Conference in California. The smartglasses, included a direct retina projection and a patented holographic combiner.

Composyt is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was founded in 2014. 

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