Artanim on the leading edge of Virtual Reality

22.01.2016 10:51

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For its participation at the Sundance Film Festival New Frontier, Artanim announces two strategic partnerships that aim at revolutionizing the future of immersive reality technologies and the cinema: the first one is with Vicon, the leader in optical motion tracking systems and the second one with Vision3, the leader in creative stereo 3D films and entertainment.

The strategic partnership of VICON and ARTANIM aims at bringing forward the next era of Immersive Virtual Reality combining VR glasses with motion capture. “Today 3D visualization is widespread and apparent in nearly every aspect of our lives. We have reached a point where most users aren’t aware whether the visuals they “interact” with are photographs or computer generated. However, the current adoption of monitors which represent only the “illusion” of the depth, does not completely satisfy the requirement of an “immersive” experience. The next big tech leap will come with how we interact with these models and visualize information in space. As the technologies devoted to visualization such as VR will become mainstream in the near future, the final goal will be to deceive the five human senses in a way that the user can believe to live in a real environment” said Dr. Caecilia Charbonnier, Co-founder of Artanim.

“Real Virtuality brings a once in a lifetime experience. Unlike other static position VR systems, Real Virtuality allows users to become immersed in a VR scene by walking, running, interacting with physical objects and meeting other people. Because user’s movement exactly match their avatars movements in the 3D environment and are streamed to the users with very low latency, there is no discomfort or interface required. The bodies of the users become the interface” said Imogen Moorhouse, C.E.O. at Vicon.

Virtual reality for major film studios and theatre productions
Artanim and Vision3 announced a partnership to develop a new format for cinema, music and theatre productions - allowing audiences to experience and physically interact in a virtual and immersive environment.At the heart of the announced partnership is Artanim’s Real Virtuality platform, the acclaimed multiple user VR system and the only solution available today that offers a degree of complete immersion over a large area - up to hundreds of square meters.

Stereo 3D experts Vision3 (Gravity, Edge of Tomorrow, In The Heart of the Sea) will look to take Artanim’s expertise in the field of motion capture, VR and immersive user experiences, and use the Real Virtuality platform to present genuinely innovative entertainment experiences to the public, designed to expand leading properties beyond the screen and stage.

The Real Virtuality platform has a huge capacity for specific customization. The partnership will collaborate with major film studios, production companies, musicians and theatre productions on a series of large scale projects that offer audiences the chance to interact and feel a part of the action in a very real way.

About Artanim
Artanim, founded in 2010 and based in Geneva, is a Swiss research institute and company specialized in the development of cutting-edge immersive and interactive systems around motion capture and VR. With the Real Virtuality platform, it aims to offer unforgettable experiences to a wide range of users.


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