«CALL FOR PROJECTS: SWISS GAMES 14/15» – «Schlicht» wins two prizes

25.01.2016 08:37

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Team schlicht award

On Friday evening the projects funded in the third «Call for Projects: Swiss Games 14/15» were honored with a finissage at Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival. On this occasion FONDATION SUISA and swissnex San Francisco announced the winner of their prizes.

The prize for the best original sound composition, awarded by FONDATION SUISA, goes to «Schlicht» by Team Schlicht. The award carries a prize money of 15'000 CHF. The jury, consisting of Urs Schnell (director, FONDATION SUISA) and Frank von Niederhäusern (cultural journalist), is honoring the compositorial quality of the music composed by Michael Barengo as well as its function in the game. As the game gets more complex, the music concentrates as well and follows the evolution of the complexity. The music supports the gaming experience and is clearly related to the German meaning of its title, «Schlicht» meaning «plain».

«Schlicht, a game by Dominik Haas, Christian Schmidhalter and Don Schmocker, convinced both the jury and swissnex. Schlicht is an atmospheric cooperative puzzle game. The recently graduated ZHdk students took a creative approach to both game play and design. Team Schlicht wins a one-month startup booster camp in San Francisco during the annual Game Developers Conference, the world’s biggest industry gathering. swissnex San Francisco, in partnership with Pro Helvetia, provides its existing startup infrastructure, network and expertise to create the best opportunity for the winners to meet the gaming industry’s key figures and succeed in the global market."

Schlicht – a cooperative puzzle game
Schlicht is an atmospheric cooperative puzzle game for the PC. Two players take control of a shadow and a light orb on their journey across many colorful levels and different challenges. The players need to cross black and white streams to finish a level. These streams deal a great amount of damage to the player with the same color. The trick is that the two players help each other to get through the streams and finally through the level. Choosing your position in the stream and timing your actions with the other player are essential to make progress.


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