The leading banking Group in Italy to test the B2B TimeRepublik platform

Giacomo Pellegatta / Ritah Ayebare Nyakato

03.01.2017 15:45
Sand clock announced that it is now offering its services to the B2B market. The startup has entered into collaboration with the leading banking group in Italy, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, to test the concept. offers individuals a platform to freely exchange their talents and skills using time as currency.

TimeRepublik has recently launched a B2B platform called “TimeRepublik Enterprise” to serve as a tool for improving employees’ engagement in companies.Given that higher levels of employee engagement correlate with improved customer satisfaction scores and employee retention, the startup seeks to enable companies, regardless of their size, achieve their performance goals and unleash their employees’ full potential.

Thanks to the new Talent Management Software for companies, colleagues within a company now have the opportunity to become acquainted with each other through exchanging their soft skills – including their passions, interests, and personal experiences – professional and non-professional skills. This arrangement allows for better work-life integration because it enables companies discover their employees’ hidden talents and can be used to measure productivity.

To test this concept, the TimeRepubik is collaborating with the leading Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, which is launching its own “Digital Campus this year. The start-up will provide the B2B platform and a dedicated team to support the project. The two parties aim to engage more than 120’000 people around Italy.

Time is the new currency
TimeRepublik was founded by Karim Varini and Gabriele Donati in 2012. Located in Lugano and operating worldwide, the startup is offering a marketplace where services exchanged are valued in fungible units of time rather than money. In October 2015 the final version of the platform was released and is now operating in more than 110 countries worldwide.

The platform was initially created as a social network, typically B2C, with the main focus on user acquisition and user interaction. This strategy revealed itself a “slow growing path” – said Karim Varini Co-founder & CEO of TimeRepublik. In fact, TimeRepublik follow the original concept of the sharing economy where the sharing is not aimed to profit from it, but it is about social interaction that generates trust.Starting from that point, and discussing with some companies around the world interested in the idea, the start-up recently pivoted to a B2B approach.

Pic: Stevepb/Pixabay

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