The Uber for manufacturing, Arnaud Bertrand’s new startup and the next unicorn

Stefan Kyora

06.01.2017 10:22

More and more entrepreneurs and startup organisation have their own blog, podcast or Youtube Channel. In our press review you will find some very interesting examples.

The Hardware Entrepreneur: We try to be the Uber for Manufacturing

How one company wants to radically cut down the lead-time of electronics manufacturing of all volumes, with Radu Diaconescu of, Switzerland.

“The Hardware Enterpreneur” is a podcast by Balint Horvath, an entrepreneur and cosmopolitan, originally from Hungary and currently based in Switzerland. The physicist and an electrical engineer explored engineering and physics first in academia, then in the industry, in his last role as R&D Program Manager for Manufacturing. In his podcast he interviews hardware entrepreneurs from all over the world, who build physical products, to bring you the stories of how they started their companies and how they run them to enable you to start yours.

Arnaud and Junjun Bertrand: Making LoveInVR

Arnaud Bertrand and Junjun Chen are very well known in Switzerland for their first venture HouseTrip which they sold to TripAdvisor last year. Now they are working on a new start-up: LovInVR, the world’s first VR dating app. “Making LovInVR” is their series of weekly videos documenting how Arnaud and Junjun are creating and growing LovInVR.

Techcrunch: Swiss data analytics company Sophia Genetics could be Switzerland’s next unicorn

Launched in 2011, Sophia Genetics is a Swiss-based analytics company that is using AI to accelerate diagnostics in oncology, hereditary cancer, metabolic disorders, pediatrics and cardiology via DNA sequencing, and could be the tiny mountainous country’s next big win in the tech industry.

Global Tech Box: What is a Startup According to the Leading People in the Industry

There is no clear definition of what a startup actually is because the requirements of profit, revenue or employment numbers are not clearly defined. What differentiates a startup from the opening of a small business? When does a business that was a clear startup become something more? Even with all the unidentified parameters, there are some main points that define a startup. Here are some of Cédric Bollag’s thoughts on the topic, followed by what startup-industry leaders say.

Global Tech Box is the blog of Cédric Bollag, innovation analyst at research company Adkit.

Swiss Finance Startups: Interview mit Hanspeter Rhyner, GLKB

Die Glarner Kantonalbank wurde schon 2014 als die “digitalste Bank der Schweiz” bezeichnet. Im Interview mit Swiss Finance Startups spricht Hanspeter Rhyner über die Digitalisierung in der Finanzindustrie, die Rahmenbedingungen in der Schweiz und die Zusammenarbeit von Startups und Banken.

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