Fontself launches new mobile app for Android

18.06.2013 09:31

Fontself’s iPhone App is a success. Now the small company from Lausanne has launched the Android version. The app allows users to send creative messages using colorful handmade fonts to social networks and messaging apps.

With the Fontself App for Android and iOS users can share creative text images on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MMS, email, etc. Fontself includes more than 20 free handmade fonts plus additional colourful premium fonts. All fonts have been handcrafted by an international set of talented designers, illustrators, calligraphers and graffiti artists.

Fontself SA is a technology start-up and software company based in Lausanne. It was founded in 2008 by a team of passionate designers and computer geeks with a shared passion for typography, hand-drawn illustrations and user-friendly software. Last year the company decided to focus on solutions for mobile devices.

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