Arisgen and KeyLemon awarded with the CTI Start-up label

12.06.2014 10:46

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An ICT company and a biotech start-up have been awarded with the CTI Start-up label. KeyLemon offers computer access solutions based on speech and face recognition. Arisgen is developing a technology which has the potential to transform the injectable peptide drug market offering oral alternatives for these medications.

Arisgen is a drug delivery company with a proprietary formulation technology that enables delivery of therapeutic peptides via oral or buccal/sub-lingual routes. The use of peptides and protein as therapeutic agents has been hampered in the past by the shortage of effective and reliable means of delivery other than injection. Arisgen’s drug delivery technology is termed ArisCrown and is a new and unique formulation approach offering robust solutions to this problem by providing non-invasive routes of administration.

Arisgen aims to be a world leader in the development of orally available peptide drugs through development of its own products and partnerships that allow the application of the technology to proprietary peptide therapeutics. Arisgen is currently developing a portfolio of novel products focused on the treatment of metabolic diseases and oncology. The lead programme is a novel fast acting oral form of a GLP-1 agonist for the treatment of diabetes which we expect to enter clinical development in 2015.

KeyLemon is a software company which offers simple, fast and convenient computer access solutions, based on face and speech recognition, for all Internet users with a webcam. Nowadays, we are continuously interacting with computers and Internet. We have to create numerous personal accounts to access computers and web services, such as social networks, blogs and forums, email accounts or online gaming. Besides the pain of forgetting passwords, entering passwords many times is a tedious and time-wasting process. Also password protection is a one-time security procedure. After the login step, nothing ensures that the right person is still behind the computer, accessing the right data or services. To solve these problems, KeyLemon offers a computer access solution based on personal biometric identification.

Customers of Keylemon include Fujitsu, Blackboard, SoftKinetic and Visteon. The company is backed by Debiopharm and Swisscom Ventures.

With the CTI Start-up Label young companies are a major step closer to success: it confirms the market opportunities and ability to attract venture capital. And that pays out! CTI Start-up Label companies manage to secure around CHF 100 million in venture capital every year. More information on the website of CTI startup.

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