CTI Micro-Nano Event to be held on 28 May

31.03.2015 16:59

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The CTI Micro-Nano Event 2015 will again be a platform for connecting people: networking, debating and exchanging ideas. Key note speaker will be Felix Mayer, co-CEO of Sensirion.

The programme of the CTI Micro-Nano Event 2015 has been published. Participants will receive information on innovative technologies, interesting projects, new products and future-oriented services of the micro-nano industry.

The key note speaker is Felix Mayer. There will be speeches by start-up representatives too. Luc Gervais, founder of 1Drop Diagnostics, will speak about the affordable high-performance biomarker analysis platform and Robert Sum of Nuomedis will present the nano-mechanical cancer diagnostics platform.  

The event will take place in Neuchatel on 28 May. More information and registration on the CTI website.

Poster session
Recent projects supported by CTI will be presented. These examples demonstrate successful cooperation and are meant to stimulate ideas for new projects, products and cooperation.

Before the Poster Session, each poster representative will be given 1 minute (timed) to present his/her poster to the audience. During the Poster Session, the participants of the CTI Micro-Nano Event will visit the poster area.

More information about the poster session and the submission of a poster can be found on the CTI website.

The CTI Micro-Nano Event is part of the Swiss Nano Convention which brings together Swiss and international leaders from science and industry in the field of «nano», key figures in innovation and technology, entrepreneurs, investors, administrators and politicians. The Swiss NanoConvention is a platform for connecting people, networking, debating and exchanging ideas – or even generating new ones. Key players are able to gather the best available information on the potential, but also on the risks of one of the key emerging technologies of the 21st century, and its opportunities for innovative technologies, products and services.

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