Qipp wins IOT / M2M World Cup at Mobile World Congress

03.03.2015 12:25

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Qipp's newly launched vertical ALLTHINGS | HOME has been judged best connected home solution during MWC 2015. ALLTHINGS | HOME is an application building framework that aims at equipping each flat with its own app. A first implementation, jointly realized by qipp and Losinger Marazzi AG, focuses on an eco-neighbourhood in Switzerland.

More than 400 applicants from more than 70 countries applied to the IoT / M2M Innovation Worldcup, which culminated in the award ceremony on 3rd of March in the Ericsson Lounge at MWC 2015 in Barcelona. Gerhard Schedler, director M2M of Swisscom and member of the jury of the contest says: "The disruptive part of qipp's technology is its capability to integrate both smart devices as well as today’s still non-connected things into one connected home application, through its concept of digital identities for things. This will lead the way to applications which are fully focused on tenant and owner centric use-cases in the connected home area". The second winner from Switzerland is an established SME: Sensile Technologies. Its Gaslink is a robust and autonomous system for remote monitoring of fuel tank levels via the Internet and was awarded with the prize in the category Energy.

qipp's ALLTHINGS platform equips virtually anything on the world with digital identities and supercharges those things subsequently with digital services alongside their entire lifecycle. With ALLTHINGS | HOME the software spin-off originating from ETH Zurich now has added another vertical to its platform. ALLTHINGS | HOME aims at the real estate industry and lets all players profit from digital services that can be supercharged on each single piece of equipment in a home, on entire flats, buildings and even on entire neighbourhoods.

The services wrapped into an application for each single flat cover the whole lifecycle of a tenant or owner in a flat and range from digital documentation (e.g. manuals), to incident management systems, from energy consumption visualization to local social networks. In contrast to classical smart home solutions, ALLTHINGS | HOME not only integrates connected devices based on IoT- technologies, but also non-connected things, such as walls, floors, bathtubs or windows. By letting tenants and owners "check-in" digitally on their future flat, they get access to all services related to their flat.

qipp is building up an entire ecosystem of partners in real estate and related industries. qipp's about 20 services for flats and buildings  can be combined in a modular way according to the requirements of a business partner and are operated in white-label modi.

"Erlenapp" - developed with LosingerMarazzi
A first implementation of an app based on ALLTHINGS | HOME will be realized in Basel. The smartphone, tablet and desktop application “erlenapp”, developed jointly by Losinger Marazzi and qipp will allow future residents of the eco-neighbourhood Erlenmatt West to benefit from practical information about their living environment and to create a social network – free of charge.

The principle of the “erlenapp” is simple: to promote communication and social encounters among residents of the new eco-neighbourhood Erlenmatt West whilst placing at their disposal practical information about their home, their building and their neighbourhood. In short, it’s an app that facilitates everyday activities and allows people to enjoy community life. The “erlenapp” is a world premiere, which will benefit the 1,000 habitants of this new sustainable neighbourhood.

“erlenapp” offers six headings:

-       My neighbourhood: its history, information about the “2,000-Watt Site” certification, useful data, contact details of the property management and emergency numbers.

-       My Flat: all the information about the supplied equipment (e.g. user manuals, guarantee, recommended cleaners etc.).

-       My energy consumption: to measure and manage your energy consumption in only a few clicks and to make comparisons within the neighbourhood.

-       Service Center: direct communication channel to the property management in order to deal quickly and easily with all residents’ needs (repairs, breakdowns etc.).

-       News: in order to keep up to date with the latest local news or to hear about neighbourhood festivities, new facilities, forthcoming sporting events and much more.

-       Pinboard: need a drill or want to sell a fondue caquelon? This virtual pinboard allows you to exchange things with all residents.

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