The Brain Forum is looking for start-ups

Ritah Ayebare Nyakato

14.03.2016 08:33
The Brain Forum

“The Brain Forum” connects different players in neuroscience to advance their understanding of how the brain works and to accelerate the application of that understanding to human needs. The next conference will take place in Lausanne in May. Start-ups will have the opportunity to present their projects to the audience and to win an innovation award.

The Brain Forum is an annual conference designed to attract a diverse audience of leading scientists, policy makers, funding agencies, entrepreneurs, private equity investors, philanthropists, research foundations, and healthcare organisations. One of the main objectives of The Brain Forum is to help translate science into real‑world solutions. The third conference will be held in Lausanne on 26 and 27 May 2016.

Innovation Award for Start-ups
Early stage start-ups, working in the field of neuroscience, have the opportunity to join the competition of the conference. 18 start-ups will be selected by the jury to give a five-minute public presentation in front of decision-makers from business, politics, healthcare, science, technology and the media.

The selected start-ups will be invited to participate in a one-day workshop before the conference (25 May 2016) in which experienced entrepreneurs coach them on a sales pitch. On May 26, 2016 the best start-ups will give a public presentation and will be judged by venture capitalists and the audience. The winner will be revealed on the last day of conference.

The winning team will benefit from the excellent networking opportunities provided by The Brain Forum including promotion, validation, and a platform for seeking new funding and business partnerships by; Meeting leading experts and scientists in the brain research field, venture capitalists, live streaming and upload of a video recording of your pitch on The Brain Forum website as well as gaining media exposure with interviews before and after The Brain Forum.

Registration is open until April 30, 2016

About The Brain Forum
The conference recognises that research often produces knowledge that is not applied beyond publication in a specialised scientific journal. It also considers that the application of knowledge may not be realised until it has been generated. For both of these reasons The Brain Forum offers a platform that hopes to change convention by sharing scientific findings with a wider audience who may be able to recognise its potential to make a difference earlier. Start-up companies are often the source of innovative new ideas, and their presence develops discussions of creative solutions for challenges in neuroscience and brain research.

An exhibition space has been provided to enable neurotechnologists to demonstrate the progress in translation of ground-breaking science into novel solutions for societal challenges. The exhibition area will include three complementary areas integral to furthering brain research and neurotechnology applications: start-ups, industry and other organisations.


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