Four new CTI Start-up label companies

10.10.2013 10:20

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Ampard, DAHU Sports Company, Newscron and Uepaa! received the CTI Start-up label this week.

Again four young high-tech companies receive the CTI Start-up label. This time however several of the companies belong to industries that are usually not considered to be high-tech industries. Newscron and Uepaa! have launched apps with very sophisticated technologies under the hood and DAHU has developed a novel ski boot allowing its carrier to endure a whole day of winter sports with one pair of shoes. Experience shows that precisely this type of start-up has very good chances to be successful.

Ampard is a start-up company in the electricity sector, providing distributed energy storage solutions to its customers (utilities) in Switzerland and abroad. The products of the company are addressing the needs of a decentralised power supply, which will be the result of the growing importance of renewable energies. The core product of Ampard is Arling, which controls- and optimizes the operation of distributed grid assets such as energy storage or demand response. Ampard is in the growth phase, just finishing deployment of its first customer projects.

DAHU came up with a true innovation in the alpine ski boot world: DAHU's patented ski boots have one comfortable part, the shoe and a lightweight exoskeleton which can be easily removed and carried. The boot allows its carrier to endure a whole day of winter sports with one pair of shoes. The DAHU ski boot has the same capabilities like a traditional ski boot but it also allows you to hike, do some shopping or to visit a restaurant in an unreached way of comfort and an appealing design. The company, based in Fribourg, was founded in 2011 and raised CHF 1million in a Series A round in July 2013.

Newscron is an App that aggregates news from newspapers based on user’s preferences, in a way to give the readers complete, structured and updated information from different sources. Thanks to the underlying powerful semantic algorithm, developed at ETH in Zurich by Elia Palme, CEO, the app is able to filter and organize the news by grouping articles related to the same topic in ‘’stories’’, which allows user to follow the evolution of a story in the timeline and keeps you from reading the same article twice. Newscron is free and is available on the Web and as an App for iPhone, iPad and Android. Newscron generates great interest: over 50, 000 people use the app monthly to read about 3.2 million news articles published by 250 news sources coming from nine countries. These include newspapers such as NZZ, or the Basel week days, as well as foreign sources such as Le Monde, The Times or the Standard, and magazines such as the Mirror.The company is based in Lugano and was founded in 2012.

Uepaa! has launched a rescue app which works far beyond the boundaries of net operators. It turns the smartphone of more than 25 million outdoor users into an alpine tracking, alerting and rescue device, using a wireless Peer2Peer (mesh-) communication technology developed by ETH Zürich. Uepaa AG was founded in January 2012 by Mathias Haussmann and Dr. Franck Legendre in Zürich. The app was launched in July 2013, premium features were added recently. The rollout in alpine regions outside Switzerland is planned for the coming weeks.

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