RouteRANK: a new solution, new features and a patent

02.10.2014 10:47

In its current newsletter routeRank made several interesting announcements. The company developed a solution for mobility managers and added car sharing and car pooling as new features to its tools. In addition a first patent has been granted to the company.

In collaboration with the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) routeRANK developed commuteRANK, an additional interface to routeRANK's multimodal routing engine that allows to analyze large numbers of commuter trips in a single automated request. It accurately calculates all relevant door-to-door route options by considering all means of transport such as rail, public transport, P+Rail and P+Ride, car pooling, private car, walking, biking and their many multimodal combinations. Based on user-defined parameters, the tool is then used for multiple purposes: for the objective attribution of limited parking spaces, for the identification of commuter trips that would benefit from a financial contribution to an e-bike or a public transport pass as well as for strategic decisions based on the analysis of mobility patterns.

New features: P+Rail and P+Ride, car sharing and car pooling
New elements and modes of transport now include P+Rail and P+Ride as well as car sharing and car pooling, including corporate car pooling. As always, they are fully and multimodally integrated into route planning and readily available for all versions of routeRANK.

This allows finding more relevant options on the regional end of longer trips as well as more relevant routes for shorter trips, in particular to and from areas that are less well connected by public transport.

For example, public transport & car sharing combinations can now be found across multiple relevant Mobility car sharing locations and car & public transport combinations can now be found across multiple relevant P+Rail parkings.

Patent granted
RouteRANK's first patent has been granted in the US. It concerns the personalized real-time location-based travel management method for multimodal travel.

More news about routeRank can be found on the blog of the company.

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