Delair-Tech announces partnership with Pix4D

15.09.2014 15:20

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Delair-Tech is excited to announce their partnership with Pix4D and the release of seven new UAV system packages. Each of the new packages are targeted at different real-world usage scenarios (survey, agriculture, surveillance).

Benjamin Benharrosh, co-founder, Delair-Tech, comments: “UAVs are tools for collecting data. Currently, purchasing a UAV system can be a confusing process. With our new packages, we’ve aimed to simplify this as much as possible. Our new packages include all components needed to begin flying quickly and the image processing software required to make use of that newly collected data. We’ve also bundled in our comprehensive training course for two pilots; the only thing the user needs to provide is a laptop.”

Delair-Tech has partnered with Pix4D to include the powerful Pix4Dmapper image processing software in their UAV packages as the standard method of post-processing UAV-collected imagery to convert the DT-18 or DT-26 imagery into geo-referenced orthomosaics, 3D surface models, and point clouds. Pix4Dmapper stands for accuracy, efficiency and innovation and is the only UAV imagery processing software that offers an automated solution with integrated and easy-to use GIS and CAD editing tools.

Christoph Strecha, CEO, Pix4D, says: “Our partnership with Delair-Tech makes a lot of sense since the long range and endurance of their UAV systems enable data capture on a game-changing level. Augmenting their systems’ unique data acquisition proficiencies with Pix4Dmapper’s digital processing capabilities creates the perfect solution for long-range, long endurance UAV mapping needs.”

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