International high performance training centre becomes SenseCore Science Partner

09.09.2014 10:12

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Sensecore, a Swiss start-up focussing on biomedical monitoring tools for various sports and activities, announces a partnership with one of the 18 accredited training centres of the IAAF.

Kuortane OTC (Olympic Training Centre) in Finland is an international high performance training centre. Its principal aim is to serve and develop competitive sports internationally at the highest level. The Centre is one of the 18 Accredited Training Centres of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) worldwide ATC network.

SenseCore AG is thrilled to announce the beginning of an official science partnership with Kuortane OTC. When asked about the partnership, Tapio Korjus, Director of Kuortane OTC and Olympic Javelin Gold Medallist of 1988 said: ’We are delighted to start using SenseCore products in Kuortane as it will serve our athletes in many ways be it performance or recovery analysis. SenseCore products are unique in many ways and offer new levels of athlete guidance and support.’

Alexandros Giannakis, SenseCore CEO added: "We are delighted to start a collaboration with the highly respected Kuortane OTC which is a significant addition to our existing Science partners such as the Mayo Clinic and Hintsa. We wish all athletes at Kuortane OTC a successful future and hope that our products will support them achieving their goals and dreams in professional sports."

SenseCore AG, based in Zürich, Switzerland, is designing, developing, marketing and distributing human high-performance solutions for various sports and activities. SenseCore products consist of innovative sensors within compression garments and software developed by elite sports doctors and trainers.

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