Viewster Mobile App: 1'200% Growth in 2014

10.09.2014 08:57

Since the beginning of 2014, the amount of unique users across Viewster’s mobile apps have grown by more than 1'200%. Follow this excessive growth, Viewster, a Video on Demand start-up headquartered in Zurich, announced that its Android app is now a top 20 entertainment service globally.

In February 2014 Viewster announced its “Mobile First” strategy with product development and marketing. Mobile took priority for new content and features. A few months later Viewster can show impressive results. Due to the strong growth Viewster’s Android app is one of the top entertainment apps globally.

Kai Henniges, Viewster CEO, comments: “These are both incredibly valuable milestones to us, seeing as we kicked off 2014 with a "Mobile First” strategy and are now seeing the first reactions to a long list development and marketing projects to increase installations, retention and overall app usage. We're thrilled to welcome the increasing amount of new viewers across the globe, continuing to consume and share Viewster content on their phones and tablets.”

Viewster is about discovering the best in original entertainment, before it hits the mainstream. The Video on demand service discovers the freshest Japanese Anime, the hottest Korean Drama, the most chilling Thrillers and engaging documentaries. Overall, Viewster focuses on content that users are passionate about, like to discover and share with their friends. This happens more and more on mobile devices where the young target audience “live” their digital lives. At the same time, Viewster has secured its position as Europe’s leading free VOD platform for series through strategic content acquisition and marketing.

And Viewster is the only online video service with its own film festival that brings together creators with a global audience. Held every three months, the Viewster Online Film Fest (#VOFF) is the largest online film festival, with over a million visitors, and offers $100’000 in prize money for the hottest talents producing original film and TV content.

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