Seven promising start-ups selected for next Swiss Venture Day (updated)

29.08.2014 14:25

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The next Swiss Venture Day will take place on 10 September in Zurich. Seven start-ups will pitch to investors: Scantrust, Kireego, Konduko, Versantis, Akselos, Avance Medical and SmartBetterCities.

This time seven start-ups are selected for the Swiss Venture Day of CTI Invest. Five of them are IT companies, two are active in the Life Sciences Field. All will have regular pitches and booths at SIX Swiss Exchange allowing networking with the founders.

The selected companies:
Akselos takes the pain out of high-fidelity engineering simulations and makes them 100x to 1000x times faster. We empower mainstream engineers to do detailed simulation and hence reduce the costs due to over-engineering and excessive "safety factors". Current engineering software requires too much expertise and too much time, so engineers today avoid these tools and develop suboptimal designs as a result.

Avance Medical is a specialist regenerative medicine and cell therapies company helping to bring innovative technologies to market. The start-up specializes in the distribution, promotion and development of autologous bio-cellular technologies and is developing system platform technologies addressing a number of unmet clinical needs

Kireego offers a simple, innovative way for a merchant to connect with another merchant to start sharing customers (without sharing databases), acquiring new ones, and cross-promoting products and services – all this, in one simple solution. One of the strongest features allows larger companies to be present on the Kireego Platform in order to connect with local merchants and allow those merchants to create Exclusive Offers for the company's employees.

Konduko increases the ROI of trade show participation. Konduko enables leads to be collected, qualified and analysed in real time, providing exhibitors with accuracy about prospects and offering key benefits for organizers and visitors. The start-up makes an intensive use of NFC and other technologies providing an interactive experience across a range of support devices such as access cards, mobile phones and tablets.

The ScanTrust solution protects brand owners and authors from counterfeiting. It is based on a QR code which is integrated into the packaging or directly into the product. The customer scans the code using a smartphone app and by doing so simultaneously calls up further information about the item. The generated customer information is forwarded to the manufacturer, which can then use the data to optimise its products.

Versantis is developing a  versatile antidote, capable of removing diverse toxic agents from the organism. With its innovative approach, Versantis aims at saving patients from metabolic intoxications, and from prescription and illicit drug overdoses. The start-up has combined a well-known pharmaceutical technology (i.e., liposomes) with an established medical treatment (peritoneal dialysis) to develop an efficient and versatile detoxification technology.


SmarterBetterCities is a software company for holistic urban planning. The start-up offers information visualization products on established geo-spatial technologies and standards. Customers – including cities, architectural offices and construction material producers – are provided with interactive tools that feature innovative 3D web-based technologies and touch-device-based assessment of urban climate, densification, construction materials and associated legal regulations.

These two companies decided to make their appearance in December 2014.

MilliPay is a service provider for micropayment-systems. The milliPay payment system can be utilised anywhere on the internet. Existing websites can be equipped with milliPay One-Click-Pay links; no modifications to the CMS are necessary. Additionally, the milliPay system can be integrated into any game or any online application. Micro-sums are also transferred in real time securely, anonymously and cost-efficient.

Unono is a social network for students to be in touch with life on campus. For Higher Education Institutions, Unono is a Content Management System that turns universities into social hubs. The vision is to create the leading online academic community that brings together all universities worldwide into a unique network.

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