now a registered financial advisor

25.08.2014 14:57 is the first Swiss automated investment platform. The start-up is now officially registered and regulated by VQF BOVV. is a young fintech start-up from Zurich, developing an innovative service for the asset management industry. It has an investment platform designed to significantly reduce operating costs so Moneyvane can offer much lower fees that other financial advisors. The company uses fully diversified investment portfolios. Users have full control over how much they want to earn and how much they are willing to risk. In addition the platform is transparent: Everything that is done is recorded in the system and users can see it with details.

MoneyVane is now officially registered and regulated by VQF BOVV. As a registered financial advisor, the start-up can work with unlimited customers in Switzerland. The VQF is holding the function of an official, FINMA-recognised Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) since 1998. With around 1700 members nationwide, the VQF is the oldest and largest cross-industry SRO in Switzerland.

The VQF is also excercising the function of an Industry Organisation for Asset Managers (BOVV) with professional rules of conduct officially recognised by FINMA. In other words the VQF is responsible for supervising implementation of those rules and ensuring compliance therewith.

MoneyVane is built by a team of financial specialists, engineers and designers operating from Zurich, Switzerland. The team members have a diverse set of academic and industry experiences from HSG, ETH, TopTal, DeinDeal, Solution Providers and Joiz. Founder and CEO is Bartosz Burclaf former CTO of

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