Technology Fund: 16 loan guarantees in the first year

Stefan Kyora

30.12.2015 08:30
Technology Fund

The Technology Fund grants loan guarantees to Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) developing and marketing innovative technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support the use of renewable energy or conserve natural resources. In 2015 the Fund has granted 16 loan guarantees. Supported start-ups include Designergy, Eaternity and Joulia.

The fund is a federal climate policy instrument falling under the responsibility of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). Companies can apply for guarantees of up to CHF 3 million for a duration of a maximum of 10 years. Initially, the fund will issue guarantees totaling CHF 150 million, which can later be increased by the parliament to CHF 500 million.

In 2015 loan guarantees were granted to 16 companies. Supported companies include start-ups such as Joulia, Eaternity, Sorba Absorber, Designergy (picture), or IS Save Energy.

The 16th loan guarantee of the year was granted to Talbot New Energy AG, a company that aims to increase the energy efficiency of industrial companies. Talbot New Energy, founded in 2011 and based in Zug, develops an innovative technology for the use of industrial process steam in the low pressure range. In the past, the energy content in the process steam passing through an industrial process remained partially unused. This is not the case with the  technology of Talbot New Energy AG. Talbot Steam-to-Power-units (STP) use the energy content of the process steam for the generation of profitable, environmentally friendly electrical energy without additional CO2 emissions and support the costumer’s intention to become ecologically-, economically- and energy-efficient.

„The financing of the commercialization and the set-up of a Europe-wide distribution network is remarkably supported by the loan guarantee”, explains Richard von Wittgenstein-Talbot, CEO of Talbot New Energy AG. Moreover Simone Riedel Riley, Managing Director of the Technology Fund, underlines the market potential of the product: „Talbot STP-units transform energy on the low pressure range. This innovation makes the company a stand-alone supplier in a recently untapped niche market.”

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