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04.06.2014 09:22

The online wine club Wiine.me plans to expand its business with a “Wine Academy”. Subscribers to the Wine Academy will receive 3 wine bottles per month and simultaneously get access to the dedicated online courses. Wiine.me has started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the launch of this project.

Wiine.Me is a young wine startup, initially created in 2013 to facilitate the selection of wines for beginners and wine lovers. Based in Geneva and Berlin, Wiine.Me was primarily an online wine club, with 6 sommeliers selecting 3 hidden gems from all over Europe for monthly delivery at their clients’ doorstep. But after the launch of this discovery service, it soon became obvious that their community wanted more.

With the experience of teaching over 600 students over the last two years, and a team of 10 sommeliers and thousands of bottles shipped, the Wiine.Me team collected feedback to build a specific methodology that could be applied online, accessible to anybody, to really change the way wine is consumed, worldwide.

They felt that something was missing in the online ecosystem which is mainly composed of wine blogs, old-school wine tastings and youtube videos and decided that the best way to learn about wine is having courses tailored to the wine you are drinking.

On June 3rd 2014, the Wiine.Me team launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Wine Academy to fund a unique project. The Wine Academy is a series of online courses based upon the right wine selection. Users will receive 3 wine bottles per month and simultaneously get access to the dedicated online courses. A wine journey, all over the world in 18 wines, grape by grape, glass by glass, every month, at their door.

“This innovative way of learning is like a jigsaw puzzle: they drink, watch and interact, on any tablet or mobile. After 6 months, wine starts making complete sense. They’ve learned the wine basics, and built a foundation to continue learning about wine”, explained Timothee Bardet, Wiine.Me CEO.

The use of the latest web technology makes the experience interactive and fully visual, with mind mapping tools, interactive videos and live wine experts on the platform. Knowledge is neither based upon random blog posts anymore, nor dusty high-end sommelier courses.

The European launch is planned for September 2014, in French, English and German. Their current crowdfunding campaign can be found on: http://bit.ly/Wiine-Academy

With this progressive curation and online wine education service, Wiine.Me is narrowing the space for wine snobs, with a possibility to be both online and offline. Wine is a social story, learning about wine is a life changer and a never-ending pleasure.

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