Six Swiss start-ups selected for the Red Herring Europe Top 100

01.05.2014 17:26

The list with the winners of this year’s Red Herring Europe Top 100 is now public. Six Swiss companies managed to get on the prestigious list: Actlight, dacadoo, Nexthink, Pitcher, SGP Technologies (Blackphone) and Starmind International.

Since 1996, technology industry executives, investors, and strategists have valued the Red Herring 100 lists as an instrument for discovering and advocating the most promising private ventures from around the world. The best companies from Europe were announced at a Red Herring event in Amsterdam in April. Six companies from Switzerland were selected. They now have the chance to be on the global Red Herring Top 100 list.

The Swiss start-ups:

ActLight SA is focused on CMOS photonics by developing new type photodetectors and improving photovoltaic energy harvesting technology. The company develops a photodiode bringing light sensing to a completely new level and a smart solar cell that offers a dramatically enhanced performance and the possibility to create extremely small solar modules embedded with chip logic as single unit on the proven CMOS technology.

Dacadoo is a secure health platform which inspires its users to live a healthier life. The platform calculates the personal dacadoo health score (1 – 1000), the indicator of the current health status. By integrating gamification and social networking principles, dacadoo motivates its users to be active in a fun and easy way by tracking and comparing your personal health, lifestyle and sport.

Nexthink End-user IT Analytics helps IT departments connect, communicate and collaborate to achieve their major goals and to improve endpoint security, ITSM operations and support, and workplace transformation projects. Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight for IT governance, risk management and compliance including the ability to measure the effectiveness of IT operations, support and security from the perspective of the end-user (worker).

PITCHER has developed the only end-to-end solution for digital marketing and salesforce effectiveness needs: from centralized digital asset library to tablet based eDetailing & CLM; from key account management to expo kiosk applications; from eLearning to HR - all within one platform.

SGP Technologies, based in Geneva, is the company behind Blackphone. Blackphone is the first integrated smartphone from the best privacy minds in the industry. Silent Circle and Geeksphone have partnered to combine best-of-breed hardware with all the skills and experience necessary to offer PrivatOS, an Android based operating system. It allows to share voice, video, files, and even text, from anywhere in the world to anywhere else, safe in the knowledge that the exposure to surveillance and industrial espionage is dramatically reduced.

Starmind develops self-learning know-how networks for companies that operate in know-how intense industries and have 500+ employees. The system enables companies to access and make internal company know-how available in real time to all employees across organisational boundaries. This is made possible with the use of self-learning algorithms which are based on the principles of artificial intelligence and neural networks. This way, every employee’s question is automatically routed to the person within the company who has been identified as the best expert for the particular topic.

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